Volunteers wanted!

Keen to help? Willing to volunteer to support the community?

We're looking for people who may be willing to pitch in and help the following activities:

  1. Anyone to spend a hour or so leafleting the Sandbanks area to raise awareness of SCG and seek new members
  2. Anyone willing and able to help plan and organise a significant June 2019 Sandbanks community event on the peninsula
  3. People with IT, marketing, writing or media skills to help us produce and manage communications and news to members and PR.
  4. Anyone with planning, environmental, legal, surveying, architectural or related skills to help us deal with planning applications for undesirable developments on Sandbanks.
  5. Anyone willing to help us gather road traffic data and survey traffic trouble spots of the peninsula.
  6. Anyone willing to act as a 'Road Marshall' taking responsibility for their street/road to co-ordinate with the SCG committee on matter relevant to residents.

If any of these are of interest or you think you might be able to help in other ways, Get in Touch to find out more.

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