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Who We Are

Sandbanks Community Group is an unincorporated association.

It was formed on 14 May 2018 by combining Protect Sandbanks Group - a group of local residents who came together to campaign against undesirable redevelopment of the Haven Hotel site - and Sandbanks Association who have represented residents of Sandbanks since 2002.

Our combined group currently has over 560 individual subscribers and is growing all the time. In the last year our paid-up membership has expanded by over 75%.

There are over 800 households in the area we loosely define as our boundary which leaves plenty of scope for us to grow our membership.




Year Founded

Our Mission

With the aim of preserving, improving and protecting the unique beauty, character, amenities and environment of Sandbanks for everyone - existing and future generations - to enjoy,  our mission is to:


and speak for Sandbanks' households, visitors & businesses on local issues


a deep and lasting sense of community spirit


with visitors, local businesses and others with an interest in the future of Sandbanks

Our Values

Our values help guide the way we go about our work


Collectively, our influence is greater


Every new member makes our voice stronger

Community spirit

Working for a brighter future, not living in the past

Openness & constructive dialogue

Helps improve our environment and people’s lives

Forward thinking

Enables us to achieve our goals


Is key to our ability to influence local issues


We welcome anyone with the best interests of Sandbanks at heart

How We Operate

We are a voluntary organisation made up of people who share a love of Sandbanks.

We are non-profit making and finance our activities almost entirely from modest membership subscriptions.

We have no paid staff. All the work is done by volunteers who generously contribute their skills, time and ideas.

Household Members are invited to an Annual General Meeting (AGM) normally held in May of each year and occasional Extraordinary General Meetings (EGM).

The AGM decides on election of officers (Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary) and committee members (who can stand for re-election each year). The AGM/EGM makes most significant decisions. The Committee consists of up to 12 members and meets approx six times a year

The Committee and AGM/EGMs are chaired by the Chairman, currently Norman Allenby-Smith.

We aim to keep members well informed on local issues likely to affect them or their property.

We provide support, advice and guidance to members on local issues.



On 14 May 2018 the former SA merged with the Protect Sandbanks Group. The name or the merged association is now Sandbanks Community Group.

We adopted a new constitution for the combined group by unanimous resolution at our AGM on 28 June 2019.

AGM archive

Agendas & minutes

Sandbanks Neighbourhood Forum Consultation Pack

Application for Neighbourhood Forum Designation and Neighbourhood Area Designation (combined form)

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