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AGM and Drinks -1st October

The 2021 AGM will be held at Royal Motor Yacht Club, Panorama Road at 4pm, followed by drinks reception outside on the gundeck at 6pm

Admittance to the AGM is limited to the first 100 members.


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Sandbanks Neighbourhood Forum AGM

To : Members of the Sandbanks Neighbourhood Forum

You are invited to attend the forthcoming AGM of the Sandbanks Neighbourhood Forum which will be held via Zoom on Monday August 16

Please note that the meeting will be open from 4:50pm on the day, so please do not try and join the meeting before that.



1                    Welcome                                                                              Robert Webb

2                    Report from the Chair                                                         Robert Webb

3                    Report from the Treasurer                                               Alison Sepping

4                    Election of Committee

The committee is currently composed of:

       Robert Webb                     (Chair - Acting)

       Tiffany Chawner               (Vice-Chair)

       Jennie Paterson                (Secretary)

       Alison Sepping                  (Treasurer)

       Anthony Vickery              (Membership Secretary - Acting)

In accordance with Section 8 (f) of the constitution, the committee is retiring, and offering itself for re-election.

5                    Any Other Business

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Flooding and Coastal Erosion in SB

The talk will provide an overview of the Flood & Coastal Erosion Risk Management (FCERM) framework in England and how this relates to the Sandbanks area. It will touch on who is responsible for FCERM, and how we define policy in shoreline management plans progressing to designing and implementing schemes that protect coastal environments against the risk of flooding and erosion.

The presenter is Alan Frampton, the FCERM Strategy & Policy Manager at BCP Council. Alan is a coastal scientist by background and has 20 years’ experience of working in the FCERM sector around the UK and internationally, specialising in strategic coastal risk management. He joined BCP Council in August 2019 as part of a new, dedicated FCERM team created as part of the formation of BCP.

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