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Everyone who lives on Sandbanks considers themselves lucky to live in such a beautiful spot. Here are a few tips members have shared with us to help get the most from living on Sandbanks. We always welcome new ideas, tips and suggestions so get in touch and tell us your top tips for living on Sandbanks.

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The cafe at the roundabout by the North Haven Yacht Club does the best breakfast and coffee for miles around.



Mark Bennett in Lilliput makes incredible bread and deliciously seductive pastries. Try the sourdough toasted or the jam doughnuts - to die for. They also make up fantastic sandwichs and serve a mean cup of coffee. A rival offering from Oxfords in Canford Cliffs is also well worth a visit. Great bread. And the sausage rolls are amazing.


Cleaning & Laundry

Looking for a reliable cleaner? Call Lisa at Secret Housewife. They supply friendly and efficient cleaning staff to keep your house looking spick & span. For laundry, we can recommend Chris & Agata at Iron Fight. They will pick up dirty laundry and and deliver it back spotless at reasonable prices.

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