21 reasons to join SCG

Sandbanks Community Group has been busy this year helping protect Sandbanks and improve the quality of life for residents and visitors alike

What has SCG achieved 2020/2021? - 21 reasons to support SCG as a paid-up member

  1. Filming. Our ability to speak for Sandbanks meant we were consulted on the Warner Bros filming at Sandbanks in April and secured £4000 for the community
  2. 'Summer Ready’. With fantastic support from our Ward Councillors, May Haines & Mohan Iyengar, we engaged BCP and the police last autumn in planning for summer 2022 - so far with effective results
  3. Op Sandman. We liaised closely with the police to increase operations against ASB in Sandbanks - again, so far with effective results
  4. Travellers. We worked with BCP and the police to ensure the swift removal of a travellers’ encampment at SB car park
  5. Signage. We engaged the ferry owners and BCP roads engineers to improve queueing & idling on Banks Road
  6. Barbecue area. We helped achieve the removal of the barbecue area on SB beach that blighted that area with smell, food debris & litter
  7. Traffic marshals. As part of the ’Summer Ready’ plans, we successfully lobbied for traffic Marshalls at SB car park and the ferry
  8. Ferry. We were actively involved in consultations on ferry toll increases that are fair to locals and help ensure the future of the ferry
  9. Mayor’s Award. We successfully applied for a Mayor’s Award to Amanda Adams that gave public recognition of her amazing environmental work locally
  10. SB Pavilion. Our willingness to constructively engage with BCP led to a special consultation with us over the future of the SB Pavilion
  11. Zoom. We successfully ran a series of Zoom talks for members - from beavers to sand dunes - attended by around 300 members
  12. Haven. We ran a PR, a legal and social media campaign that has taken the number of objections to the Haven plans to 6000+ 
  13. Party House. Our relationships with the police and BCP helped lead to swift shut-down of the Panorama Rd party house in February with subsequent media reports acting as a deterrence
  14. Security. We successfully lobbied for security cameras in SB car park to deter boy-racers and other ASB (to be installed soon)
  15. Local voice. The long term secret of success has been to establish good working relationships & constructively engage with Councillors, BCP officers, Police, Ferry owner, Sandfest organisers & local media
  16. Neighbourhood Plan. We have produced the first draft of a Neighbourhood Plan to protect SB for the long term - we are moving steadily towards a statutory consultation and local referendum
  17. Sewage. We investigated and reported to members on Wessex Water’s raw sewage discharges
  18. SB Hotel footpath. We successfully campaigned for re-opening of the footpath through SB Hotel car park
  19. Communication. We have achieved national and local media coverage for our campaigns and point of view and run an active website/Facebook Page & Twitter account
  20. Planning. We helped achieve the withdrawal of the 30 PanoramaRd/SYC planning application last year - though the fight continues. We have helped a number of members with planning issues and questions
  21. Finally. We responded to dozens of emails and calls for help and assistance from members throughout the year on a range of matters including burglaries, overflowing rubbish bins, speeding, beach fires, fallen trees, planning matters, street cleaning, loud music, boy racers, ferry issues and deer in the garden

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