SCG joins Dorset police urging visitors to act responsibly this bank holiday weekend

SCG joins Dorset Police urging visitors to act responsibly this bank holiday

Sandbanks Community Group, a voluntary group comprised of residents, businesses and regular visitors to Sandbanks, are joining Dorset Police in their calls for everyone to show respect for the area when visiting this weekend.  

As thousands of visitors are expected to visit Sandbanks over the August bank holiday weekend, SCG are urging them to act respectfully to ensure all visitors have a safe and enjoyable experience. Incidents of anti-social behaviour, littering, and illegal parking by a small number of people in the past have had a significant negative impact on Sandbanks residents, businesses, other visitors, and the natural environment.

To keep Sandbanks as a unique, safe and welcoming place for people to enjoy now and into the future, SCG are urging people to behave responsibly when they visit. SCG is also calling for action to help ensure all visitors have a positive experience over the long-term. This includes:

- Tough action from Dorset Police and BCP Council (BCPC) on anti-social behaviour, such as speeding, car-racing, illegal camping, beach bonfires, verbal abuse & excessive late-night noise

- Vigorously enforced parking control measures such as tow-away zones to help prevent illegal parking across driveways

- A weekend parking surcharge for Sandbanks car park in July and August to reduce peak demand when the car park is full, to help pay for additional summer Council resourcing as well as reduce gridlock and improve access for emergency vehicles

- A ban on disposable BBQs on Sandbanks beach and other BCP beaches

- A Park & Ride into Poole beaches to reduce traffic, reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment.

David Morley, Chairman of SCG, said: “We are so fortunate to have such a unique and beautiful natural environment in Sandbanks, and SCG wants to help protect it so that everyone – residents and visitors – can continue to enjoy it in the future. Sadly in the past, the actions of a few have impacted on the enjoyment of many, and we want to do whatever we can to stop this happening again in future.

“As the summer comes to a close, we are calling for tougher action in future to protect this wonderful area. This includes simple measures such as a ban on beach BBQs, a weekend parking surcharge to discourage people queueing to get into the Sandbanks car park when it is already full and pay for additional summer Council resourcing, and tougher action to clamp down on anti-social behaviour, which Dorset Police figures show has been on the rise this year.  

“BCPC and Dorset Police have coped well with an unusual summer season given the COVID-19 pandemic, and we want to work with them collaboratively in the future to make next year the most enjoyable, family-friendly year ever to visit Sandbanks.”

Note: See our Summer 2020 'Mini' Manifesto attached

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