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The Chairman of Sandbanks Community Group has written an open letter to John Butterworth, owner of the Haven, Sandbanks and Harbour Hotels, publicly urging him to withdraw his current application to demolish the Haven Hotel and redevelop it as flats.

The letter points out that:

  • a report on financial viability by BNP Paribas commissioned by SCG makes it clear that the owner does not need to redevelop the Haven site as tower blocks of flats in order to finance the redevelopment of the Sandbanks and Harbour Heights Hotels
  • an architect's report reveals major inaccuracies in the application documents that cast significant doubt on their suitability as a basis for a planning decision
  • a legal opinion commissioned by SCG shows the application is open to serious legal challenge

In addition, National Trust, The Environmental Agency and over 3000 people have registered formal objections.

SCG argues the application is bound to fail. It's time for a fresh approach.

Mr Butterworth is urged to think again and consider redeveloping the Haven site to continue as a hotel as it has been for over 160 years.

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