Derelict House 'unsafe'

The two properties at 46/48 Panorama Road (under the same ownership) have been an issue for some years now. We understand the owner obtained planning permission to build two new houses on the plot around 18 months ago. It appears no steps have yet been taken to start the new buildings.

In the meantime, the two houses remain in a derelict and dangerous condition. Their condition and ease of access from Footpath 82 that runs alongside the properties is blighting neighbouring properties. Importantly, it's also a danger to young children, vagrants and teenagers who regularly get into the houses to party, hang out or just to poke around.

We persistently raised this issue directly with the owner, the Council and May Haines, one of our Ward Councillors. We wanted the site securely fenced. The Council does have 'last resort' powers to make a site safe and charge the owner the cost - it can go as far as obtaining a court order to register a charging order against the property to recover safeguarding costs.

We are pleased to report that in October the owner finally brought in contractors to secure the site with fencing.

A small but important victory for community safety and well being.

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