Neighbourhood Plan


Sandbanks Neighbourhood Forum has been set up as an unincorporated association with the support of Sandbanks Community Group to develop a neighbourhood plan for the Sandbanks peninsula.

Our vision is to develop a neighbourhood plan which will help protect the unique character and heritage of Sandbanks for the benefit of residents, local businesses and the many visitors we welcome from all over the world while embracing fresh ideas and sustainable development in the locality.

On 20 December 2019 BCP Council designated Sandbanks Neighbourhood Forum as a statutory forum and Sandbanks as a neighbourhood plan area. 

On 2nd June 2023, the Plan was cleared by BCP Council to proceed to Independent examination and to be publicised with a view to it being passed by more than 50% of eligible voters at a referendum and becoming law.

Neighbourhood Plans

A neighbourhood plan is a way of helping local communities to influence planning decisions in the area in which they live and work. It can be used to:

  • develop a shared vision for a neighbourhood
  • choose where new homes, shops, offices and other developments should be built
  • identify and protect important local open spaces and amenities
  • influence what new buildings should look like and how they should be positioned

A number of areas around the UK have already established neighbourhood plans and in our locality there are plans in place for Poole Quay and Broadstone. They are already making a difference.


The process of developing and securing approval for a neighbourhood plan takes time. It might be two years or more before we get a plan approved but we are confident that the effort will be worthwhile. The key steps in the process are:

  • Designation of neighbourhood area and neighbourhood forum
  • Preparation of a draft neighbourhood plan
  • Publicity and consultation of a draft neighbourhood plan – Regulation 14 stage
  • Submission of a draft neighbourhood plan to the local planning authority
  • Independent Examination
  • Referendum and bringing the neighbourhood plan into force

You will find updates on our progress and materials relating to the project and the process below.

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Get Involved

The whole point of a neighbourhood plan is that it is community led.

The forum will talk to residents, businesses and visitors to understand what people feel are the most important features of Sandbanks and what vision we all have for maintaining or improving them. A lot of information will need to be gathered and consultation events organised so we are looking for volunteers from the community who can spare a little of their time to help.

If you would like to be involved in shaping the future of Sandbanks please contact

Forum Membership

Everyone who lives or works on Sandbanks can become a member of the forum. There is no charge for being a member and by joining us you will have a voice in guiding the development of the neighbourhood plan for Sandbanks.

If you would like to become a member please send a message to for an application form.