Sandbanks is a small peninsula that comes under a lot of pressure in the busy summer months.

The traffic issues affect visitors and residents alike. They include:

  • congestion
  • parking
  • speeding
  • ferry and car park queue-jumping
  • boy-racers
  • cars and cyclists going the wrong way in the one-way system and
  • danger to the thousands of pedestrians who throng the narrow pavements.

We have formed a specialist sub-committee led by committee member Paul de Cordova to look afresh at these issues.

We have compiled a detailed list of all the issues and regularly meet with the Council road engineers to prioritise issues and press for action. 

This has led to a positive response including:

  • serious consideration of a new pedestrian crossing near Midway Path
  • trial of traffic marshalls at Sandbanks roundabout/car park during busy periods to prevent congestion
  • more speeding signage

We know there are no easy solutions. The Council prioritise action according to accident stats. The more accidents that occur, the more likely they are to act. But we don’t want to wait for a tragedy to make things happen.

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