Haven plans so inadequate and misleading as to be "invalid" - new report

A new report submitted to Poole Council by planning consultant Mike Hirsch and prepared by architects on behalf of objectors condemns current Haven plans as "invalid".

The report is a detailed professional critique of the vast number of misleading drawings, errors and inaccuracies contained in the developers' plans.

Amongst the issues exposed by the report:

  • inadequate flood risk assessment, meaning risk of severe flooding at the site and irreparable damage to the peninusla*
  • understatement of extensive over-shadowing and loss of sunlight hours on the much loved Haven beach cove
  • misleading drawings that understate correct heights, bulk & massing of proposed blocks of flats and surrounding properties
  • CGI images that ghost out neghbouring properties and insert mature trees that don't exist or they plan to fell
  • unwelcome wind tunnel effect caused by current design
  • loss of mature trees significantly affecting amenity of the area
  • incorrect survey results, scaling information and mislabelled elevations that throw into question all the plans submitted by the developers

These issues can only be an attempt to hoodwink the public about the true bulk, massing, visual impact and over-looking of surrounding properties. We will be pressing Poole Council to seek answers/corrections from the developers to all the questions raised. We believe the application should be withdrawn.

* a claim supported by continuing objections to the scheme by the Environmental Agency for flood risk reasons. Part of response likely to be that higher seawall required impacting on shoreline character and neighbouring properties.

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